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  • Q: How do I know what items I purchased?
    • A: To find out what you have purchased, please log into this site with the e-mail address that you used to log in to make your purchase from the One Stop Shop. This is very important-- some families have several different accounts for various reasons, and you need to make sure you are looking in the account that was used for the purchase. If you need assistance figuring out which account your family used, please e-mail us at  We can also help you combine those accounts.
      • Once you log in, scroll to the top of the home page screen and click on the link that says PREVIOUS ORDERS. Click on the order numbers of any orders you have made since 5/1/2020 and you will see what all you have purchased.
  • Q: I purchased a Bronco Bundle.  Can you please remind me what that included?
    • A: The $75 Bronco Bundle purchasers received:
      • Student Activity Fee ($40)
      • Student Planner & ID ($10)
      • PTO Membership & Directory Access ($10)
      • Special Spirit Shirt ($15)
      • Special schedule pick-up time in August (PRICELESS)-- unfortunately, schedule pickup had to be virtual, but we gave the Bundle purchasers a special time to pick up their supplies.  
      • $2 discount on the Daily Announcements e-mail
      • $3 discount on PE uniform shirts and shorts
      • $5 discount on Marquee Birthday Messages
      • $5 discount on School Supply Kits (if they had not purchased the supplies during the Early Bird Discount period)
  • Q: Bronco Bundle purchasers received a special spirit shirt. Where can I buy one if I didn't buy the Bundle?
    • A: We are so sorry; the special spirit shirt was for Bundle purchasers only. Perhaps we can do it again next year!
  • Q: Are there any school supply packs left for purchase?
    • A: No. We are so sorry, but you will need to purchase the supplies from your favorite retailer.  Go to our home page and you will find links to the supply lists.
  • Q: Will you be selling Pink Wednesday Shirts again?
    • A: We are not sure yet. Please watch your e-mail for more details. 



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