1.  Why should I join the PTO?


Your membership dues of $10 ($15 after September 10, 2018) will support PTO’s funding of student enrichment programs, technology, and other worthwhile academic extras and activities.  You will also receive a complimentary/FREE student directory that will be distributed in the fall.  Student directories will ONLY be distributed to PTO members.



2.  I have a student at CMSE. Am I automatically a member of the CMSE PTO?  


No.  One must pay annual membership dues to be a member of the CMSE PTO.  You may do so on-line here, or you may pay your membership dues in person at schedule pick up in August.



3.  I get emails from CMSE PTO; doesn’t that mean I am a member of the PTO?


No.  Getting emails from PTO just means you have registered your email address with PTO.  That’s a good thing!  Because of this, you will receive timely communication about CMSE news and events.  It also means that you will have the option of being included in the student directory.  It doesn’t mean that you have paid PTO membership dues and are a PTO member for the coming school year.


4.  I’m not getting emails from PTO. How do I receive timely information about school news and events?  


Click here to create an account with CMSE PTO.  It is important to register because parents are active partners in their student’s education and can only be supportive of events and activities if they are aware of them.  Principal Springer often relies on PTO to communicate timely information on her behalf.  Very little information is sent home via hard copy from the school and virtually nothing is sent via hard copy from PTO.  This is your information pipeline!  Also, this website is the only means that PTO has for obtaining information for the student directory, as CISD cannot share student information directly with us.  Our student directory will not be complete if your student is not listed! 


5.  My personal information is already registered with CISD. Why am I not getting information about school events and news? 


Registering with CMSE PTO is NOT the same as updating your information in the CISD Parent Portal.  CMSE PTO is considered a separate party from the school, and as such, CISD is not allowed to share any student information from the Portal with the CMSE PTO.  Registration information in the CISD Portal does NOT transfer to the CMSE PTO.  The CMSE PTO has to obtain and house student information separately.  Therefore, you must be registered with CMSE PTO separately, especially since Principal Springer uses the PTO to communicate important information to parents.


6.  How do I find out if I’m registered with PTO to get information via email and to have the option to be included in the student directory?


Once you have created an account through Membership Toolkit, you will have full access to everything
related to CMSE. Through the registration process you will indicate what information you would like included in the directory. Once you have completed your registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail. After you have confirmed your registration, you can proceed to login to have full access to our website.


 7.  If I am registered with PTO does that mean that my personal information will automatically be put in the student directory?


No.  During the registration/account creation process on Membership Toolkit you will have the opportunity to indicate what information you would like included in the directory.


8.  How do I get a student directory that will be distributed in the fall?


Purchase a PTO membership before September 10, at Schedule Pick Up,  or on our webstore.

Make sure your email address and student information is registered with PTO at  when creating your account (and before September 10, 2018).


9.  I’m not sure if I have joined the PTO by purchasing a PTO membership. How can I find out?


If you can’t remember if you have purchased a PTO membership already, go to the PTO webstore and click on “Login" in the middle of the page.   Log in to your webstore account and click “Order History.”   Look for any orders placed after May 1, 2019 to see if you purchased a PTO membership.  If you still have questions, contact the PTO at cmseastpto@gmail.com.


10.  How do I volunteer at CMSE?


Make sure you are registered to receive emails from CMSE PTO (see question 4).  Complete the Volunteer Interest Form during Step 3 of the registration/account creation process to let us know what you are interested in.  A member of our PTO will contact you about getting involved.  Be sure to read your PTO newsletters to learn about activities and volunteer opportunities as they arise.


You  MUST complete a CISD criminal background check every year.  Click here.


11.  How do I give permission for my student’s name and/or photograph to be published in PTO publications or local newspapers?


During the registration/account creation process on Membership Toolkit, you will have the opportunity to choose your permission settings.


12.  Why is it important to give PTO permission to publish my student’s name and/or photograph? Haven’t I already given that permission when I completed the disclosure information on the CISD parent portal?


PTO must have your permission to include your student’s name and/or photograph in publications, such as the PTO newsletter and website, as well as local newspapers.  This is a separate permission from the CISD disclosure information on the CISD parent portal!  Unless PTO has your permission, your child’s participation in sporting or fine arts events or accomplishments such as Honor Roll, Super Bronco, Honor Society and PACE Awards will NOT be publicized.  If there are special circumstances or concerns that you’d like to address with the PTO Publicity Chairman, please email cmseastpto@gmail.com.


Bonus question:  Does CMSE PTO have a website with other useful information and links?  YES!  Check it out here!